Novel multifunctional strontium-copper co-substituted mesoporous bioactive particles

Materials Letters 223 (2018) 37-40
Alessandra Bari, Giulia Molino, Sonia Fiorilli, Chiara Vitale-Brovarone

Sr-Cu co-substituted mesoporous bioactive glasses were synthesized by two different sol-gel approaches: an ultrasound-assisted base-catalyzed sol-gel procedure and an aerosol-assisted spray-drying method. The produced spherical shaped particles showed high specific surface area values and tunable pore size. The two different routes allowed obtaining samples with different morphology and size, characterized by the ability to induce hydroxyapatite deposition, to incorporate a specific amount of therapeutic ions (strontium with the aim to improve bone formation and copper for its antibacterial and pro-angiogenic properties) and to release them. The obtained multifunctional biomaterials synergistically combine the ability to promote bone formation and angiogenesis and to impart an antibacterial effect.