Two future contributions @ XVI ECERS conference

Two different contributions will be presented from the Polito BOOST team in the context of the XVI European Ceramic Society Conference that will be hold in Turin from the 16th to the 20th June 2019. The PhD student Giorgia Montalbano will hold an oral presentation entitled "3D printed scaffolds based on hybrid bioactive systems for bone tissue engineering applications", illustrating the ERC BOOST project idea and her first trials for the fabrication of the scaffold foreseen in the project. The PhD student Federica Banche Niclot will present instead a poster entitled "Large-pore mesoporous bioactive glasses for bone growth factor encapsulation and release" showing her first results in the encapsulation of growth factors that will be part of the smart scaffold. This strategy, that will be adopted to protect and lenghten the life of this molecules, has been foreseen in the GRACE project, conferred by the Italian "Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universtià e della Ricerca" to the ERC winners who wanted to integrate their projects with new ideas and solutions.