Oral contribution at SIB 2021

In occasion of the Congress SIB 2021 (Congresso Nazionale Biomateriali) held in Lecce, the research fellow Giorgia Borciani presented the last results obtained in the optimisation of human osteoblast and osteoclast co-culture systems and their use for the assessment of the novel nanostructured biomimetic collagen-based materials aimed at regenerating bone tissue.

Oral contribution @ SIB 2021

In the frame of the Congress SIB 2021 (Congresso Nazionale Biomateriali), Eng. Federica Banche Niclot presented the recent results of her research activities during the oral presentation: PEG-coated mesoporous silica to release large biomolecules in acidic environment and their use in 3D printed collagen scaffolds.

Oral contribution @ SIB 2021

During the Congress SIB 2021 (Congresso Nazionale Biomateriali), Dr. Caterina Licini presented her contribution entitled: "From human tissue to regenerative approaches: development of 3D printed composite scaffolds mimicking the TGF-beta1 features within the bone".