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Poster contribution @ ESB conference 2019

The Post-doc research fellow Caterina Licini hold a Poster plus a Rapid Fire presentation at the 30th Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) in Dresden from the 9th to the 13rd September 2019. In her poster entitled "A combined biological and chemical/physical bone characterization for the development of customized 3D-printed scaffolds” she presented the results concerning the characterisation of healthy and osteoporotic bone tissue at different scale lengths.

Poster contribution @ECERS 2019

During the XVI European Ceramic Society Conference, held in Turin from the 16th to the 20th June 2019, the PhD student Federica Banche Niclot presented a poster entitled "Large-pore mesoporous bioactive glasses for bone growth factor encapsulation and release", where she illustrated her first results on the investigation of new carriers for growth factor encapsulation and release. These carriers will be exploited in the ERC BOOST project for the protection of growth factors during the 3D printing process, in order to avoid their possible denaturation.

Oral contribution @ ECERS 2019

In the context of the XVI European Ceramic Society Conference that was held in Turin from the 16th to the 20th June 2019, the PhD student Giorgia Montalbano held an oral presentation entitled "3D printed scaffolds based on hybrid bioactive systems for bone tissue engineering applications", illustrating the ERC BOOST project idea and her first trials in the fabrication of the biomimetic scaffolds through 3D printing, as foreseen in the project.